Gateway Competition

National Parks have historically been about preserving and protecting a place of scenic beauty—removed and ideally “untouched” by humans. Gateway is different. It is all about human contact with the environment and the resulting changes that take place over the centuries. The design celebrates the process of (un)natural selection. In the 21st century we are beginning to understand that human health and ecology exist within and not separate from the surrounding environment. Gateway, situated between the nation’s greatest concentration of humanity and the ocean, presents a special opportunity to explore the connections and tensions inherent in this amalgam of ocean, land, air and settlement. Our design strategy involves three overlapping steps. We want to re-orient the experience of the visitor from the fragment to the whole, restore elements we have lost or disturbed to create a new balance, and preserve those remaining elements which have cultural value. Ricardo Romo-Leroux led the competition entry that was awarded first honorable mention while working at W Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

  • Location: Queens, NY

Image Credit: W Architecture